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Access Doors & Panel Division



High Performance Panels

Key Features

  • Range of thickness from 1" to 4"
  • Insulated with free rise foam
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Custom sizes
  • Wide variety of skin materials
  • Powder coat painted finishes available
  • Factory cut outs
  • Corner keyed and crimped framing
  • Allows a wide range of applications and performance
  • R values from 6.67 - 26.68
  • Bonded materials provide strength and deflection performance
  • Provides perimeter panel strength and anchorage
  • 4" to 144" widths and heights to fit your design
  • Aluminum, stainless, galvanized, etc. to meet your specification
  • Factory applied paint for durability
  • Allows for clean application for air handling accessories
  • Added strength and structural performance
  • Flange Frames Available

Downloadable Files

Product Specific
Insulated Panel Flyer  PDF
Panel Deflection  PDF
Fixed Access Panel Details
1" Fixed Access Panel  PDF  |   DWG
2" Fixed Access Panel  PDF  |   DWG
2" PL Fixed Access Panel  PDF  |   DWG
3" Fixed Access Panel  PDF  |   DWG
4" Fixed Access Panel  PDF  |   DWG
HVAC Panel Details
1.5" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
1.75" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
1" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
2" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
3" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
4" HVAC Panel  PDF  |   DWG
Panel Quote Form
Standard Terms & Conditions  PDF