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Aluminum Windows

Series 220

Fixed Window

Series 220

Key Features

  • Thermally broken frame
  • Multiple configuration options
  • NFRC rated
  • Multiple finish options
  • Standard and custom glazing options
  • Multiple accessory options

Finish Capabilities

AAMA 2604 and 2605 Paint

Custom colors available upon request

Clear & Dark Bronze Anodized

Additional anodize options available upon request

Glazing Options

1" Insulated Glazing

¼” Single Glazing

Structural Test

Type Test Protocol Product Designation Test Size Design Pressure Structural Test Pressure Air Infiltration Water Resistance Test Pressure
Fixed AAMA 11 CW - PG60 60x72 60 psf 90 psf <0.02 15psf
Type Fixed
Test Protocol AAMA 11
Product Designation CW - PG60
Test Size 60x72
Design Pressure 60 psf
Structural Test Pressure 90 psf
Air Infiltration <0.02
Water Resistance Test Pressure 15psf

Downloadable Files

Product Brochures
Product Brochure  PDF
Paint Brochure  PDF
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions  PDF
Product Specific
Product Data Sheet  PDF
Product Details  PDF  |   DWG
S220 Specification  DOC
Sub Frame  PDF  |   DWG
Square Panning  PDF  |   DWG
Nail Fin  PDF  |   DWG
Stucco Fin  PDF  |   DWG
Mullions  PDF  |   DWG
Interior Trim  PDF  |   DWG
Standard Terms & Conditions  PDF
S220 fixed